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Network Optimization Drives Success for India’s Premier Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturer

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Discover How Translytics Accelerated Success for a Leading Indian Automobile Accessories Manufacturer

Network Optimization Drives Success for India's Premier Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturer


Established in 1983, this leading helmet manufacturer has earned a stellar reputation for producing top-quality, safe, and stylish helmets. However, aligning their network of plants and warehouses proved to be a challenge. With Translytics’ supply chain Network optimization algorithm, they could realize:

INR 4.19 Lacs/month

Saving through Network Optimization

Areas of Focus

Due to the problems being faced by the company in its network of plant-to-warehouse locations, Translytics collaborated with the company's team and consequently identified major improvement areas.
  • As is Network Analysis
  • Gaps Analysis & Areas of improvement in As is network
  • Network Design
  • Cost & Service Level Analysis
  • Implementation of Validated Network design results

Solution Approach

Utilizing Translytics' proprietary Network Optimization algorithm, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the customer's current situation, including a comprehensive calculation of primary and secondary costs. Through this process, we performed simulations for various center-of-gravity scenarios and carefully compared the costs and operational feasibility of each to ultimately determine the optimal manufacturing-to-warehouse and warehouse-to-end-customer mapping. Notably, our algorithm is capable of simulating multiple scenarios tailored to specific regions based on their unique operational feasibility.


  • Cost saving of 4.19 lacs per months in primary and secondary cost with the optimized supply chain network
  • Network changes will be monitored continuously for desired savings & Major saving is in stock transfer (from plant to warehouse) as touch points are reduced.


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