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Demand Forecasting

Accurately forecast your demand using Translytics forecasting engine based on advanced analytics algorithms like AI, ML.

Descriptive Analytics

Use your data to understand what is happening where, what are the areas of improvement, indications on actions to be taken using Translytics Descriptive Analytics Dashboards developed on Power BI.

Inventory Optimization

Optimize the placement of your inventory to improve customer service. Identify external factors that impact inventory and take the right decisions in inventory adjustments.

Logistics Network Optimization

Optimize your hub-to-hub linehaul vehicle movement of your express logistics network with highest possible capacity vehicles, right mix of attached vs. market vehicles to reduce your cost of logistics with highest possible service level.

Supply Chain Network Design

Rightly align your consumption points (dealers, customers) to supply points (plants, warehouses) in the best optimized way to meet high service levels at the lowest possible cost.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Model your supply chain and identify risks with scores associated with them to be able to take actions.