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Forecast-Based Planning of Finished Goods

Utilize demand forecasts generated by TranslytiX engine to plan PR schedules and inventory levels for finished goods, ensuring alignment with anticipated demand.

Periodic PR Placements for Materials Based on Urgency

Implement a systematic approach for placing purchase requisitions (PRs) for materials, prioritizing based on urgency and demand forecasts to maintain optimal inventory levels.

Multilevel Inventory Netoffs

Perform multilevel inventory netoffs across warehouses and plants to optimize inventory distribution, minimize carrying costs, and ensure efficient utilization of resources.

Optimized Inventory Levels to Avoid Stockout and Excess Inventory

Determine and maintain optimal inventory levels for each item to prevent stockouts while minimizing excess inventory, leveraging demand forecasts and historical data for accurate planning.

Standardized Data via Data Lake

Integrate comprehensive and standardized data from the user Data Lake into the supply planning process, including demand forecasts generated by the TranslytiX engine, to ensure consistency and accuracy in decision-making.

Approval Process for Planning

Implement an approval process for supply planning to ensure alignment with organizational goals, and resource availability, enhancing transparency and accountability.